Loughborough College unveils new cycle parking scheme

Velo-Safe lockers at Loughborough College

Velo-Safe lockers at Loughborough College

Loughborough College is set to launch a pioneering scheme to get people out of their cars and onto their bikes ahead of the new academic year.

Backed by Leicestershire County Council’s Environment and Transport Department and Post-16 Transport Partnership and Leicester City Council’s Post-16 Transport Partnership, the College is set to install innovative cycle lockers at The Gables halls of residence.

Home to more than 100 students, The Gables will soon benefit from 20 state-of-the-art lockers, six new cycle hoops as well as access to foot pumps and puncture repair kits all under the watchful eye of new CCTV cameras. College funding has also allowed a further 24 to be placed on the main campus.

A College spokesperson said: “We are really excited about the new locker system we are introducing here at the College that will assist with the Charnwood Travel Plan.

“Travelling to College by bike is something we are keen to promote. Not only is it the greener option but it is becoming increasingly practical for a large number of people.

“This is the first scheme of this sort in Leicestershire and we are delighted to be able to help promote sustainable travel along with traffic reduction around the campus.

“Not only is this environmentally advantageous but, because of the CCTV that we have installed around the lockers, it is also extremely safe and gives people peace of mind about using their bikes.

“Security of bike racks is a concern but, in using the CCTV we are able to offer a more secure service.

“The new Vel-Safe lockers have an innovative rounded design that will help them blend in with the surroundings better than the old-style racks so they will be more attractive too.”

Work on the new space-efficient cycle lockers is now complete with the College set to officially launch them on the first day of the new term, September 6.

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