Peter and Alex Demonstrate the Strength of the Velo-Safe Locker

Peter and Alex demonstrate the strength of the Velo-Safe locker

Dave Demonstrates Velo-Safe with an Electric Bike

Dave demonstrates Velo-Safe with an electric bike

Alex Using a Velo-Safe Locker

Alex using a Velo-Safe locker

The Velo-Safe locker is a product of Cycle Works Ltd, a specialist cycle parking company based in Portsmouth in the United Kingdom. Development of the locker started in 2004 and the locker was launched to acclaim at the Earl’s Court Cycle Show in October 2008. The design ethos was to create a locker that was space efficient, flexible and beautiful.

Cycle-Works was formed in 1996, with the intention of promoting cycling by providing quality, innovative products and ideas. Because all Cycle-Works staff are regular cyclists, we instinctively understand how most cyclists will use cycle parking facilities, and this level of experience is evident in the products and services we create.

In 1996 Cycle-Works were the first to install bicycle lockers in the UK, with several sites at Hampshire railway stations, a hospital and Park and Ride sites.   We have since introduced many other innovative bike locker, rack and shelter styles, and were a major partner in the Mayor’s School cycle parking initiative, where we worked with FM Conway to install shelters and bike racks at many schools across London.

We were also the first to install high-capacity ’2 tier’ racks in the UK, for Transport for London and at several major companies and Surbiton and Wimbledon train stations.  These space-saving racks have now become very popular at new office and major residential developments, especially in London and other locations where space is at a premium.

If you’d like to find out more about Cycle Works please visit the company website.