What makes the Velo-Safe locker unique is its patented shape. This shape means that lockers can be combined in many combinations to fit the most bike parking possible into all kinds of spaces.

5 Velo-Safes in a quarter-circle

The design of the Velo-Safe is based on a triangle with an 18 degree angle between the two long sides. This means that 5 velo-safe lockers fit into a 90 degree quarter circle. This immediately creates useful shapes for installing Velo-Safe lockers into corners.

Velo-Safes in a semi-circle

10 Velo-Safes can be arranged to for a 180 degree semi-circle, a great arrangement against flat walls. The Velo-Safe design typically fits 2 more lockers into the space required for a semicircular design than would be possible with traditional square lockers.

Velo-Safes in a circle

Velo-Safe lockers can, of course be arranged into a full circle comprised of 20 individual lockers. The diameter of the circle is 5.2 metres (17 feet). An additional space around the circle of 1.2 metres (4 feet) is needed all round for access.

Back-to-back Velo-Safes

Velo-Safe lockers can be placed back to back to form a line with access on both sides.

Velo-Safes in a line

Lockers can be arranged side-by-side in a simple line if required.

Velo-Safes in a saw tooth pattern

For long, narrow spaces a saw tooth configuration using banks of 1, 2 or 3 lockers can be created. The shape of the Velo-Safe means that the rows of lockers can be closely spaced without fouling access to the lockers behind them.

Velo-Safes in a wave pattern

Interesting architectural effects are possible with the Velo-Safe. For example, by alternating groups of 3 Velo-Safe lockers it is possible to create an attractive wave design.